Original Old Nesbitt's Soda Bottle

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ORIGINAL OLD GLASS SODA BOTTLE, for Nesbitt's of California. The bottle has "Nesbitt's of California" on a white background. The back of the bottles have "Nesbitt's name on a soft drink is like Sterling stamped on silver"  and "Net contents 12 fl. oz. Bottled by Grand POP Bottling Co". As these are original used items, they do have some machine and case wear. The bottles measure 9 1/2 inches tall. In 1934, the bottling industry made first use of Applied Color Label referred to by collectors as ACL or Painted Label Soda Bottles.

The bottle is shown with colored water for picture detail purposes only and is being sold as empty not full.

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  • Nesbitt's Soda Bottle
  • Nesbitt's Soda Bottle