Original Old Moxie Soda Bottle

ORIGINAL OLD GLASS SODA BOTTLE, for Moxie. The bottle has "Moxie" in raised letters as well as Trade Mark Reg.U.S. Pat. Office". The bottom of the bottles have "Contents 7 Fl. Ozs. Registered" on it. The bottle measures 7 1/4 inches tall. As these are original used items, they do have machine and case wear. If you're not from New England, chances are you may not have heard of Moxie. Moxie is a sweet yet "distinctively different" soft drink that at one time out sold Coke and Pepsi in America. Moxie was the brainchild of Dr. Augustine Thompson. The good doctor marketed the original concoction as a patent medicine in 1876 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Dr. Thompson was a native of Union, Maine and to this day Union is famous for being the birthplace of Moxie. The early version of Moxie was a spoon fed elixir that could supposedly cure a wide range of ills from dementia to impotence.




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