Western Badges

Explore the history of the Western lawman badge and purchase a piece of the old west with one of these antique replicas. Badges have been part of the equipment of law enforcement officers for hundreds of years and have been worn by the likes of Wyatt and Virgil Earp, Bob Masterson, Doc Holliday, and Wild Bill Hickok. They originated in ancient times when the armored knights wore an insignia to announce their official status and allegiances.

Western Old West The History Behind The Badge Booklet

Did you know that many times in old photos of lawmen, no badges will be seen?
Price: $4.95

Illustrated Catalogue of Fire & Police Department Badges

Established in 1879 Charles G. Braxmar sold directly to public safety agencies.
Price: $4.95

Sing Sing Prison Officer NY Badge

Ossining's original name, "Sing Sing", came from the Native American Sinck Sinck (Sint Sinck) tribe from whom the land was purchased in 1685.
Price: $9.95

Apache Police San Carlos Arizona Star Badge

After 1886, the Apaches were confined to reservations in Arizona, New Mexico, and later even Florida. San Carlos is the most famous of these.
Price: $8.95

Buffalo Marshal State Of Montana Shield Badge

A real man wore this replica badge once upon time and he was the Marshal for Buffalo.
Price: $8.95

Western Pinkerton National Detective Agency Badge

Alan Pinkerton established his private detective agency in 1850.
Price: $8.95

Western Indian Police Sioux Badge

This is another example of the badge styles worn by the Sioux Indian Police.
Price: $8.95

Western Wyoming Territorial Prison Laramie City Badge

While there were no famous guards that worked there, there was a famous prisoner. The prisoner's name was Robert Leroy Parker, aka, Butch Cassidy.
Price: $8.95

Western Pony Express Messenger Eagle Badge

A 1600 mile journey from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California in only 10 days by horseback through treacherous terrain.
Price: $8.95

Railway Express Western Railroad Badge

Railway Express Special Agents duty was to protect all shipments from theft and robbery.
Price: $8.95

Bureau Of Indian Affairs Police Badge

Cochise chose Tom Jeffords for the position of Indian Agent, and Jeffords took up the badge of office.
Price: $8.95

Western Special Ranger Texas & S.W. Cattle Raisers Assoc. Badge

In the wild west Cattle Barons formed their own associations in order to deal with problems; such as rustlers.
Price: $8.95

Western Special Police Texas And Pacific Railroad Badge

The Texas and Pacific Railroad went from the Gulf Coast of Texas to the Pacific Coast in California.
Price: $8.95

Western California Railroad Police So Pacific Steamboat Badge

The Oregon and California Railroad became the Southern Pacific Railroad run by the University of Oregon patron Henry Villard.
Price: $8.95

Western Texas Railroad Police Gulf Mobile & Ohio Badge

On December 16, 1836, the First Congress of the Republic of Texas chartered the Texas Rail Road, Navigation, and Banking Company to construct railroads "from and to any such points...as selected."
Price: $8.95

Civil War Confederate States Railroad Badge

This Southern railroad became a troop and supply carrier and major transport for the Confederate states during the war between the North and South.
Price: $8.95

Western Tribal Police Star Badge

This is a "stock" badge, such badges could be purchased without waiting.
Price: $8.95

Territorial Prison Guard Deer Lodge Montana Badge

In the last century the territorial prison for Montana was located at Deer Lodge Montana.
Price: $8.95

Colorado Springs City Marshal Badge

One of the men that wore this badge was killed in 1876 by Texas gunman Clay Allison.
Price: $8.95

Arizona Rangers Lawman Badge

The rangers were a special police force created to assist jurisdictional lawmen at a time when criminals vastly outnumbered lawmen in Arizona.
Price: $8.95


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