Cast Iron Signs

For many century’s signs were made out of cast iron as it was readily available and signs could be easily pressed. As recent as 2011 towns in Pennsylvania have been trying to make the old cast iron street signs in their towns historical things, as opposed to historical sites, in order to save them.

We have wholesale signs with subjects such as; western that include: Winchester guns and sheriff office, railroad, various oil and gas with names like Texaco and Shell, automotive styles like Michelin and Ford, and more. We continue to add new items, so keep checking our website or sign up for our newsletter.

See something you like? Want to place an order? If you need multiples or large quantities of a single item or want to place a BULK ORDER of individual items we have a low $50.00 minimum purchase. A simple way to order is to click the link then open a second window with the website and simply copy and paste the items you are interested in with the quantities.