Cast Iron

Ever since the Chinese found a way to produce cast iron around the 2nd Century BC there has been a fascinating array of treasures created. John Hubley of Lancaster, PA began Hubley Manfacturing in 1894 and produced toys and doorstops. Take a look at some of these nostalgic antique replica pieces. We have a large variety of still banks, mechanical banks, doorstops, bottle openers and more are available here now.

Cast Iron Fisherman Doorstop Bookend Figure

Originally, linseed oil was used to waterproof sailcloth for use in seamen's clothing, particularly seamen's capes.
Price: $10.75

Cast Iron Winchester Rifle Match Holder

Most of Winchester's art was done by the artist Phillip R. Goodwin.
Price: $9.75

Cast Iron Tomahawk Axe Ax

Europeans and Native Americans often traded goods such as furs and other natural resources for axes, knives and guns.
Price: $7.95

Cast Iron Monon Route Alligator Match Safe Holder

The Monon is a railroad that route was along the cities named.
Price: $11.95

Cast Iron Harley Davidson Crash Car Motorcycle

In 1932, the 3-wheeled Servi-car begins its 41 year run as a popular commercial and police service vehicle.
Price: $9.95

Cast Iron Toy Patrol Motorcycle

The vast majority of cast-iron toys were made in the United States up until the start of World War II, when production of these toys basically ceased.
Price: $9.95

Cast Iron Roosevelt in '32 Donkey Boot Jack

Nast thought of them as anti-Union racists who had become far too prominent and influential in the North.
Price: $10.50

Cast Iron Hubley Boys Eating Watermelon Doorstop

By about 1960, the company was trying to compete with a variety of market segments all at the same time, adding itself to other metal kid's toy makers, kit manufacturers, and British diecast producers.
Price: $12.75

Cast Iron Hubley Baseball Kids Doorstop

Early Hubley production consisted of many cast iron toys including various horse drawn vehicles, guns, and household objects such as doorstops and bookends.
Price: $9.95

Black Americana Boy & Girl Watermelon Hooks Decor

African slaves helped introduce the watermelon to the United States.
Price: $19.95

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